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About Our School

We are one of over 215 schools with the Calgary Board of Education that offer a high quality public education program.

William Roper Hull School is located in the southwest community of Woodbine and is operated as a partnership between the Calgary Board of Education and Hull Services. We offer highly specialized and individualized programs that focus on the development of academic and vocational skills for students with behavioral and emotional difficulties. Students are primarily referred to us through Hull Services and the Calgary Board of Education's School, Student, and Parent Services.


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At William Roper Hull School it is our conviction that each of our students has the potential to be a productive member of society.

We provide our clients with a quality learning environment and encourage them to develop socially responsible and respectful behavior.

We instill in our students respect, a sense of responsibility, and the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to achieve their personal and academic goals. Our program is based on the following fundamental beliefs:

  • Our students can learn and have a right to a purposeful, meaningful, quality education.
  • Our students have the potential to be responsible and accountable for their decisions, behavior, and learning.
  • Every individual should be treated with dignity and respect.
  • The Circle of Courage philosophy, and its emphasis on belonging, mastery, independence, and generosity is effective in reclaiming at-risk youth.
  • Children who feel safe and cared-for are predisposed to learning.
  • The best learning occurs when the home, school, and community work as a collaborative team to bring about positive long-term change.



William Roper Hull School is committed to providing a caring environment that empowers children and youth to experience academic, occupational, and personal success and to become belonging members of the larger community.



William Roper Hull School strives to provide our students with quality learning experiences that will empower them to become:

  • responsible citizens,
  • self-directed learners,
  • effective communicators,
  • collaborative team players,
  • critical and creative thinkers.


Circle of Courage

The Circle of Courage is used to develop self-awareness and empathy in students. This philosophy centers on the belief that a healthy "whole" person has developed an appropriate balance between four key personal and interpersonal factors:

  • sense of belonging,
  • sense of mastery,
  • sense of generosity,
  • sense of independence.

Teaching around the Circle of Courage is used extensively to encourage students to examine their own actions and the actions of others. Students are asked to look critically beyond an immediate event to explore the relationship between belonging, mastery, generosity, and independence, and an individual^s actions. Underlying issues that may result in inappropriate behaviors are examined as reactions to an imbalance or a lack in one of the necessary factors.



WILLIAM ROPER HULL - 1856 - 1925

William Roper Hull was born and educated in England.

In 1873, at the age of 17, W.R. Hull left for North America in the company of his brother, Gerard.   Following a long voyage with stops at Panama and San Francisco, the Hull brothers arrived in Victoria, British Columbia.  These were the tumultuous days of the Fraser Valley and Caribou gold rushes.

From Victoria, the Hull brothers proceeded to the Kamloops region via the Fraser Canyon and old Fort Yale.

During the year 1883-84 the Hull brothers herded 1200 horses from B.C. through the Crow's Nest Pass to the Calgary area.  These horses were sold to the North West Mounted Police and the Northwest Cattle Company.   The Hull brothers realized that the importing of horses from B.C. to the North West Territories (now Alberta) represented a sizeable bonanza.

In 1886 the Hulls brought in another 3500 head of horses and cattle and set up "Hull Bros. and Co.".   William Roper Hull also branched out into a ranch of his own at this time.

Hull Bros. and Co. was dissolved in 1896 with the meat packing interest being sold to P. Burns and Co.  Gerard Hull returned to British Columbia.

From this time on William Roper Hull concentrated his endeavors in the fields of ranching and real estate.

William Roper Hull initiated the use of irrigation in the Calgary area.  He is further credited with raising the first fenced ranges in this part of the country.

Among other accomplishments, William Roper Hull created the Calgary Grain Exchange and erected the first major cultural centre in Calgary, which came to be known as "The Hull Opera House".

The present Hull Child and Family Services was initiated through the terms of this man's will, which left a considerable legacy for the provision of children in need.