Calgary Board of Education

Career Centre

The purpose of the Career Center is to support youth in Career Exploration and preparation opportunities in a school setting. The Career Center is located within the Work Experience Department at William Roper Hull.

The Career Center is available to students to come in and receive assistance with job search techniques, resume and cover letter preparation, interviewing skills and job maintenance. The Career Practitioner is also available to work with students on Portfolio Development and career planning. The career planning process helps students make informed decisions about the kinds of career paths they might wish to explore during high school and beyond.

The Career Center has many different resources for students including: career planning materials, educational planning materials, post-secondary resources, occupational and apprenticeship information, bursary and scholarship applications.  A list of employment opportunities, available to youth, is also posted on a job board outside of the center.

Job Shadow and Work Experience

The Career Practitioner works with students to assist them in exploring their options and identifying careers that are of interest to them.  Once this process has started the student is considered for Job Shadow and/or Work Experience placements that are suitable to their goals.  The student not only learns more about careers, they also develop employability skills.  Before being placed with an employer, the student begins to develop employability skills through various projects within the school. 

Students interested in becoming involved with the Work Experience Department should discuss this with their classroom Teacher, who will then make a referral.

Finding Out About Yourself:

Career Cruising Visit this site to use the career matchmaker, explore career options and build your own career portfolio.

Employability Skills 2000+ You will need employability skills to enter, stay in, and progress in the world of work-whether you work on your own or as a part of a team.  Assess your employability skills using this short inventory.

IQuizzes These quizzes are designed as a starting point in self discovery. Through the Career Quizzes you can explore your abilities, interests and preferences as part of making a career decision.

Nextsteps Use this youth-focused site to learn more about yourself.  The first step in choosing a career path is to learn a little more about yourself. What do you like? What is important to you? What are you good at? Before you can find a career that is right for you, you have to know who you are.

Websites to research education options:

Ed Info - Alberta Post-Secondary Education Information

School Finder

Funding Your Education:

ALIS - How to Apply for a Student Loan

Career Services Online: including Portfolios

  • Choices to find resources or learn about the process
  • Self-directed or facilitated learning
  • Personalized learner planning using10 Career Plan-It Records
  • Portfolio development tools and techniques
  • 15 tutorials and other templates
  • Supports area renewal strategies to implement career pathways

For more, preview Career Services Online

Looking for work?

The Workplace This website provides tips on developing a resume and cover letter and gives advice on the interview process. 

Nextsteps Visit this site for job search tips.  

Interested in volunteering ?

Child and Youth Friendly Calgary - CYFC is a non-profit organization that provides meaningful volunteer opportunities for youth, ages 12-18.