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About Our School - William Taylor Learning Centre

William Taylor Learning Centre
805 - 37 St. N.W.
Calgary, AB T2N 4N8

Phone | 403-270-1751
Fax | 403-270-1778

The William Taylor Learning Centre was reopened at the beginning of the 2004-2005 school year. We provide educational and therapeutic opportunities for students who have severe behavioral/emotional difficulties. The goal of WTLC is to support all students in maximizing their academic success through personalized, authentic learning opportunities which incorporates curricular modifications and instructional accommodations. WTLC is focused on identifying and creating the conditions for success for students as unique learners and as members of their school and home communities. WTLC is a trauma sensitive learning environment. Classroom staff includes one CBE teacher and one Wood's school support counselor. The student to staff ratio is 8:2. Wood's Homes provides additional clinical services including a full-time therapist and a full-time family support worker, while the CBE provides a .6 educational psychologist. Families are also able to access additional therapeutic services offered through Wood's Homes. Hot breakfast is offered to the students. For a nominal fee, hot lunch is also provided. If deemed appropriate, CBE transportation may be provided.

The building has 11 unique instructional spaces: three junior high classrooms, two senior high classrooms, one food science area, an art room, robots room, weight room, a gymnasium and a library/literacy resource centre. All classrooms contain student laptops and a Smartboard. As well, there is a U-12 classroom for students residing at U-12, and a Stabilization class for students in the Wood's Homes Stabilization program.

The William Taylor Learning Center is located at 805 - 37 St. N.W. For a nominal fee, hot lunch is also provided. If deemed appropriate, transportation may be provided by the CBE for our students.