Calgary Board of Education


Principal's Message


At William Taylor Learning Centre and George Wood Learning Centre, we strive to make the education of our students a partnership. Both William Taylor and George Wood Learning Centres' are unique learning environments. In our schools, the Calgary Board of Education has partnered with Wood’s Homes where CBE teachers provide the academic instruction and Wood’s Homes provide clinical and behavioral support within the school environment.

We believe that input from all our stakeholders is essential to the successful operation of the school. Our parents/guardians and caregivers are a valued resource. We encourage you to communicate openly and freely with classroom staff. We offer personalized learning opportunities ensuring each student is able to experience a variety of rich learning experiences that fit his or her learning needs and goals.

We also boast many, many opportunities for students to get involved in, meet new people, contribute to the community and discover avenues of passion in you that you never knew existed! Here, everyone belongs. We care about each and every student and are here to support your learning needs. We look forward to being a partner with you in your school learning journey!

Janice R Richardson