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Summer Technology Fun

Below are websites that are switch accessible for students to explore over the summer.

To make your computer switch accessible you need:

  1. Switch Interface e.g. Switch Interface Pro 6 ($95 US) (
  2. A switch (variety of switches are  available from

Or you can turn your mouse into a switch by simply disabling the right click.
Go to

Websites can be set up for single switch use and some for two switches and scanning.

A wonderful colorful  site with a wealth of  activities including stories, creative , games and  early learning  activities etc.
A school for children with disabilities website . Click on ‘Kids Only’ for colouring, stories, fun and games, find out about farm/shapes/number/counting songs.
This site provides  a simple  switch accessible newsreader for kids. Children can learn about: News and Headlines, UK News,World News,Sports News,Animal News and Show Biz.
Select: grownups – special needs- selection of games. You will find several fun switch accessible games/stories.
Lots of downloadable activities including math, art, science and communication.
This will take you to the Northern Grid website where you can download ‘Senswitcher.’ It  is a suite of programs designed to help teach early ICT skills to people with profound and multiple learning disabilities starting with experiential, cause and effect activities to switch building, timed activation, targeting and scanning.
This is a free web environment developed for young people with autistic spectrum disorders, but it is equally useful to many children with learning disabilities. Zac Browser provides a simple interface to many engaging, fun and educational online activities which are carefully chosen and moderated by its developers.

This list is also posted on our school website under ‘Students’

Have Fun,

Diane J. Hall
Resource Teacher

Let’s Make A Snowman

Big And Little Snowmen

Snowglobe Puzzle (4 pieces)

Snowman Puzzle (8 pieces)

Catch the Cow

Moose Practice