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About Our School

Richmond School – your community school has heart!

At Richmond School our teaching practice begins with thoughtful and intentional plans for learning, allowing deep understandings and genuine inquiry. Our Digital Learning Environment has been enhanced to support student learning. Literacy and technology are interwoven and connected to enrich student engagement. Personalized Learning, using technology as desired is strived for, increasing the level of intellectual engagement. Learners can be so focused, so intensely engaged, that time itself seems to disappear! Teachers endeavour for student work to be relevant, meaningful and authentic to excite and engage learners.

Students have a new Outdoor Classroom located south of the school. "The Heart Circle," is a beautiful combination of hard and soft landscaping. The amphitheater design, with its limestone walk way being in the shape of a heart, clearly carries the motto that "Richmond School has Heart!" On bright sunny days classes have enjoyed using this learning space as a classroom and are learning to care for and appreciate nature.

Children are eligible for Kindergarten registration if their 4th birthday is on or before March 1. Richmond Child Care Association is located at the school and can offer before and after school care. Early registration assists our staffing for next school year.

Richmond School will be hosting a number of "School Previews," which will include a welcome tour for perspective parents. Please contact the school at 403-777-8380 ext. 0 to find out dates and to register.

At Richmond School our door is always open, and we welcome the opportunity to work with you and your children, as we are “Educating Tomorrow's Citizens Today”.

Welcome to Richmond School!