Calgary Board of Education

Fees and Waivers

Instructional Resource Fee

The Instructional Resource Fee is $30.00 for students in Grades 1 to 6, and $15.00 for our half-day kindergarten students. It covers the cost of each child’s school supplies.

Incidental Activity Fee for Students at Lunchtime

At Richmond School, as agreed with School Council, the Incidental Activity Fee of $10.00 for students in grades one to six assists our school in meeting incidental needs over the lunch hour.

Lunchroom Program

A Noon Supervision Service is offered at Richmond School. The fee for this service for 2012 - 2013 will be $230.00 for the year for Non-Bussed and Conditional Rider students, $23.00 per month. Students who are eligible for bussing are required to pay for noon supervision and the fee will be $80.00 for the year for Bus Eligible students ($8.00 per month). There are waivers available for these fees. There is a $5.00 drop in fee and all students attending the lunchroom must be registered. If your child requires the service of this program, please complete an application form (available in the school office).

Please note that the noon supervision fees DOES NOT include any food and there are no microwaves available in the lunchroom.

Unpaid lunchroom fees from the previous school year will result in the student NOT having a place in the lunchroom for the current year.

If you wish to register your child for the lunchroom program, please complete a registration form and return it to the school office.

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