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Information for Parents (information for parents on curriculum – K – 12) (information for parents on curriculum – K – 3)

The following website has valuable information including curriculum handbooks for K-12, facts on funding and information on Grade 3, 6 and 9 provincial exams:
As well, there are tips for parents regarding homework, reading and safe internet use.

Lunchroom Program

A Noon Supervision Service is offered at Richmond School. The fee for this service for 2012 - 2013 will be $230.00 for the year for Non-Bussed and Conditional Rider students, $23.00 per month. Students who are eligible for bussing are required to pay for noon supervision and the fee will be $80.00 for the year for Bus Eligible students ($8.00 per month). There are waivers available for these fees. There is a $5.00 drop in fee and all students attending the lunchroom must be registered. If your child requires the service of this program, please complete an application form (available in the school office).

Please note that the noon supervision fees DOES NOT include any food and there are no microwaves available in the lunchroom.

Kindergarten AM (PM if required)

Richmond School has an AM and PM program for the 2012 2013 school year. This program is for all children living within our boundaries. We look forward to the learning opportunities that kindergarten provides for our kindergarten children.


The Calgary Board of Education provides subsidized transportation for students who live outside the walk limit of the school. All students receiving charter bus service are required to pay the transportation fee of $295.00 per student in Grades 1 6 and $215.00 per student in Kindergarten, with NO family maximum. Transportation application forms have been sent home to those students presently taking the bus, and are available in the school office if required. These forms should be returned to the Transportation Department as soon as possible. Bus routes are available from the school.

Fee Waivers

The Calgary Board of Education provides waivers for parents/guardians if they meet established financial guidelines. The fees for which waivers may be granted are:

  • Instructional Resource Fee
  • Transportation Fee
  • Noon Supervision Fee

Waiver application forms are available on-line at in Parents – Fees, or from the school office. In order to allow sufficient time to process your application for the beginning of next school year, it is recommended you submit it before June 30th. See also School Fees page.

Useful Websites for Students and Parents (links for students, parents & teachers – excellent) (excellent site; homework helper for Gr. 3-6) (excellent; for students, parents & teachers; all areas) (jigsaws & games) (good for Social Studies – Canada maps, etc.) (geography, mapping, satellite imagery) (fun and games around the Discovery Channel) (keeping children safe; the buddy system and internet safety) (ESL; organized) (excellent) (proven tools to raise strong caring kids) (excellent math & writing activities - K-6) (for Grades 3 and up) (primary reading activities – excellent) (good site for research) (facts & fun about science for Grades 3 and up)