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Welcome to Altadore School

Learn more about this exciting learning community nestled in the community of Altadore in S.W. Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Our school serves 240 students primarily from Garrison Woods, Altadore and River Park.


Plant Sale Fundraiser

Skip the garden centre this year and order beautiful, healthy and local plants from home while supporting a great cause!


April 8 - Plant Sale Fundraiser begins
May 15 - Plant Sale: last day for orders and payments
May 27 - Plant Sale order pickup 3:10 - 6:30pm


Online ordering link:


Plant Sale Order form (pdf)

(all payments to be made by cheque made out to the Altadore Parents' Association and delivered to the school office, no later than May 15)


Important Dates

Clubs details are in the monthly calendar

May 11-19 Open Minds Science School Rm 1
May 11

Gr. 1 to Zoo (all day)

Kindergarten Swim PM - all classes

May 13

Gr. 6 ELA Writing PAT (am)

Kindergarten Swim PM - all classes

School Council Meeting 6:30 pm

May 14

Last day for plant orders

May 15

CBE non-instruction day - no classes

May 18 Victoria Day - no classes
May 21 School-wide photo 9am
May 22 Volunteer Tea 10:30 - 11:30
May 25 Owl's Nest clean-up after school
May 26-29 Gr. 6 Outdoor School
May 27

Wetlands Field Study Rm 3

Plant pickup from fundraiser

May 28

Wetlands Field Study Rm 2

Fun Fit Day Track & Field

May 30 Kids Marathon
June 2 Bike 2 School Day
June 3,5,8,10,12 Gr. 1-6 Swim
June 19 Gr. 6 Farewell
June 25 Sports Day
June 26

Report cards

Early dismissal

Lat day


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Download the Altadore School App


We are pleased to announce that you can now follow us in “real time”. You can download the Altadore School App onto your smartphone and/or tablet, and through it you can follow us on Twitter. The App is a free-download available through the iTunes Store, Google Play Store, or by scanning the QR code in the newsletter to get the web-based version. Once downloaded, by clicking on the “Follow Us” button, Twitter messages will be pushed out regarding timely school messages. Please note: the “Email Us” button directs you to the office general mailbox which is checked only once each day. For timely messages, or absence information, please continue to use the telephone access for the school office and lunchroom programs. (Also available via the App by clicking the “Call” button.)



Altadore Parent Council Fundraiser


FundScrip - Fundraising for the Altadore Parent Association to support school programs. 
Online supporters will now have the option to order from a variety of gift cards at your convenience; 4 order dates per week and ship to your home or anywhere in Canada. If shipping by lettermail, it will cost .73 cents, maximum $500 and 4 cards per envelope. 
Your gift card purchase will cost you only the small shipping rate, and the Altadore Parent Association will receive a small rebate.  

Go here to sign up:
An invitation code is required to sign up.  Altadore's code is: ELH3XY

The next full school campaign is scheduled for the end of November.  

Thank you for your support!


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