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School Council Corner | March

School Council is calling a special meeting for Tuesday, March 7th at 6:30 p.m. to discuss and decide on our plan for the Courtyard Project. All interested parents are invited to attend and be part of our decision making process.

Thank you parents for coming out to our School Council Meetings! Our next regular meeting is April 4th @ 12:45.

Remember, if you are buying labels for camps or other activities, and you are ordering Mabels Labels (, please remember to look for Earl Grey under the “Support a Fundraiser” button.

School Council meetings are usually on Tuesdays, usually alternating afternoon and evenings. The School Council is a collective association of parents, administration, staff and community representatives who work together to promote the well-being and effectiveness of all constituents in the school community and thereby enhance student learning.

School Councils, through commitment and creativity, will generate a strong community spirit. Community spirit makes a school more than just a building - it creates a learning environment where students feel the commitment will make the common goal a reality - better education.

All parents of students enrolled at Earl Grey School are encouraged to attend School Council Meetings. Please contact Wendy Polley, Council Chair or leave a message at the school office. Council Elections are in May, but you don't have to run for an elected position to have a say; just come to a meeting to become involved.

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