Calgary Board of Education

Glamorgan Announcements & Agenda

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Students Additional Help


Mr. Rip & Ms. Legere


Grade 1
Ms. Lee, Ms. Kirsch, Mr. Klaassen & Ms. Harrison


Grade 2
Ms. Harris, Ms. Isaak, Ms. Bennett, Ms. Blanchard


Grade 3
Ms. Aiuto, Ms. Farrish & Ms. Sampson


Grade 4
Ms. Boedeker, Ms. Bosnak, Mr. Miller & Mr. Gray


Grade 5
Ms. Martinico, Ms. Fournier & Ms. Bounds


Grade 6
Mr. Burn, Mr. Hare & Ms. Lalonde


Junior High
Ms. Ramlal
Mr. Bakshi
Ms. Caceres
Ms. Kaufman
Mr. Price


Physical Education
Ms. Mills & Ms. Mackinnon


Music & Band
Ms. Jessome & Ms. Meltzer


Ms. Jarowicz