Calgary Board of Education

About Our School

Our Beliefs

Students define us. We must inspire them. We work together in a cohesive environment to build a foundation for learning. Working together supports optimal learning. It promotes new ideas, new processes and new ways of doing, all of which we embrace. We are not bound by individual talents but support and learn from each other. We challenge ourselves to constantly seek to understand and to know.

We celebrate school and community because we value people. All that we do is built on the needs of the student. Learnings and beliefs about the students determine how we teach. We address diverse learners through their journeys by developing inquiring minds and providing the nurturing they need along the way.

Through global awareness we feel the connectedness within and to the world, thus bringing citizenship to a deeper level of understanding. We ask good questions and develop authentic, real world learning.

We show that we care.


Educating Tomorrow’s Citizens Today


Our Learning Community engages in active learning today to continually build tomorrows of opportunity.


Dream, Learn, Act


We build a strong community based on respect of the individual.
A strong academic program is provided based on individual strengths and needs.
Learning how to learn will result in lifelong learners.
Learning is enhanced through strong positive relationships.
“Students come first” is an action, not a phrase.

Personal Development

The staff at Glenbrook School believe that extra-curricular activities promote a platform for personal development. Students have many opportunities to participate in a wide range of club opportunities.

These opportunities inlcude:

  • Student leadership
  • School Patrols
  • Handbell Choir
  • Wellness Club
  • Gym Club
  • Drawing Club
  • Environmental Club
  • Hub Club