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School Council

School Council Meetings

6:30 pm in the Learning Commons


School Council Parent Society
Sept. 2017 Sept. 2017

Publications & Reports

Glenbrook School Council Operating Procedures (PDF)
Alberta School Council Resource Manual (PDF)

If you have any issues or topics you would like us to explore at a School Council evening please share them with us.

School Council is for everyone!

Have you ever...:

  • been looking to find out what is going on in Glenbrook School but didn't know who to ask?
  • wanted more information about something that was written in your child's agenda?
  • wondered why certain activities happen at Glenbrook School the way they do?
  • had an idea that might help us with the continued development of a safe, caring and productive learning environment for Glenbrook students?

Please come to a School Council Meeting to find out more and share your thoughts and opinions