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Principal's Message | October

Our September start-up has been incredibly busy and incredibly rewarding! We are all working hard to ensure an awesome learning experience for your child every day.
October is Global Diversity Awareness Month and for us the time to demonstrate our commitment to diversity and inclusion. We see the value in operating with greater cross-cultural understanding in an inclusive environment and feel the diversity of our school is one of our major strengths at Glenbrook. This school year, 38% of our students are English Language Learners. Some of those students are also very new to Canada. Thankfully staff members of Glenbrook School are exceptional in teaching all students the nuances of the English language. Reading, writing and oral language are used in every subject. At the last count we have 40+ languages other than English spoken at home by our families. That’s right we truly are a multicultural, multilingual community of learners and a reflection of the greater Calgary community.  Additionally, 16% of our students have diverse special learning needs.  These vary in complexity and include students with learning disabilities as well as medical disabilities. Again, we have exceptional staff to support these learners. Many require supports from other service units within the CBE. All identified “special needs” students have an Individual Program Plan (IPP) that addresses goals for the student and appropriate accommodations and strategies to support student learning.

So at Glenbrook School diversity is our strength! It reinforces our focus on personalizing learning for every student. With 253 students under the age of 11, for the 2017-2018 school year, this is BIG work! All staff members are doing everything we can to support EVERY student to achieve to the best of their ability.

Perhaps last month at our Welcome Back BBQ or the Parent- Teacher Conferences, you noticed that great diversity of students and families of Glenbrook School. It was so incredible to watch everyone come together to celebrate student learning! 

This month we will celebrate Global Diversity Month on Friday October 13th. Several times a year we hold “Glencamp” where students get a chance to mix with students from other classes and attend several sessions related to the theme. During our Diversity Glencamp, teachers will encourage sharing multi-cultural information,  sing songs that celebrate diversity, and invite students to create or explore artifacts or food representative of various ethnic heritages. We will also talk about diverse abilities. Our aim is to share with students that diversity is a core democratic value and that we should respect all people. Diversity means freedom and justice for all of us, not just some of us.

Aleta Terlecki