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Before and After School Care
Online Safety
School Parking
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Parents are asked to please phone the school at 403-777-8320 if your child will be late or absent. Your assistance in reducing the number of phone calls we make to homes is greatly appreciated. Outside school hours, there is an answering machine to take your calls. Please give your name, the child’s name and teacher and the reason for the late/absence.

Before and After School Care

We do have onsite before and after school care and the provider is Calgary Child’s Play.  Their phone number is 587-216-7003.


Lunchroom facilities are available to all Glenbrook students, Grades 1 – 6. The cost is $220.00 per student per year, plus a $10.00 Activity Fee to cover costs incurred by inclement weather, etc. If you take advantage of the lunchroom program, payment for the month you begin the program and June is required at the time of registration. The lunchroom facility costs $145.00 for bussed students who pay a transportation fee and fill out the Registration Form for Lunchroom Services (if you have not done so, please have your student pick up the form from the office.) Students may also access the lunchroom facility on a drop-in basis. The cost is $5.00 per student per day. Please remember that lunches should not contain any nuts or nut products. Glenbrook Lunchroom does not supply utensils or have a microwave. Please ensure your child has the necessary cutlery in his or her lunch bag and that the lunch contents do not need warming in a microwave.

Online Safety Tips and Internet Use Statistics

Responsible Digital Citizenship
All students of the CBE will be allowed to bring their own digital devices to school to use for educational purposes. A wireless network (LAWN) with appropriate filtering is available.
Glenbrook School will be educating all students about responsible, safe, and purposeful use of digital resources. Information for parents will be sent home in early September. The following “Admirable Use Policy” will ground our philosophy for Responsible Digital Citizenship.

Admirable Use Policy
Do use our network to demonstrate your understanding of learning outcomes in creative and thoughtful ways.
Do use our network to share your achievements and excitement about learning with your parents.
Do use our network to think critically and build information literacy skills.
Do use our network to explore deep questions that you have in relation to learning and life.
Do use our network in a manner that will support your constantly growing understanding of new digital technologies. Learn how to learn anytime anywhere!
Do use our network in a manner that protects your
privacy, safety and freedom of thought. Be responsible for protecting the rights of others as well.
Do use our network in a manner that protects your own health and wellness. The Internet is a fascinating place and so is the real world.

Online Resources for Parents

For Children

More Information: Calgary Board of Education Internet Safety web page

School Parking

Please remember that the parking lot is reserved for staff only. Please park on the street when dropping off and picking up your children, including Kindergarten students, or when visiting the school. Thank-you for your support in protecting our children.

Volunteers at Glenbrook School

The CBE recognizes the value and encourages the use of volunteers in all its schools. Our volunteer policy and conditions of volunteering were developed to ensure and maintain a safe and secure learning and working environment for all students and staff. To ensure the safety of the students in all CBE schools, all volunteers must complete a Volunteer Registration Form. This form is only valid for the current school year. In addition, all volunteers must have a Security Clearance Check processed through the Calgary City Police Services prior to volunteering. The form and security clearance remains in effect for five years. Police Clearance from other agencies is not accepted. You must have Police Clearance through the Calgary Board of Education to volunteer in a school. Clearance can take 1 – 3 months so please embark on this simple process to ensure you are eligible to volunteer when the opportunity arises over the course of your child’s education. Forms are available from the school office.