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About Ramsay School

Ramsay SchoolCelebrating our 100th anniversary in 2012, Ramsay School is a dynamic K-6 school in the heart of historic Ramsay in S.E. Calgary. Our school’s convenient location and our enthusiastic teachers and staff make it a wonderful place for students to grow and learn. Ramsay School strives to be a cooperative learning community which fosters student ownership of learning and responsible citizenship within a responsive and diverse quality learning environment.

Unique characteristics

We are uniquely characterized by our:

  • Focus on Reggio Inspired Learning
  • Committment to the Personalization of Learning with individual learning plans for all learners
  • Active and effortful, assessment rich, metacognitive and transformative learning opportunities for all learners through a powerful Inquiry-Based Learning process
  • Focus on learning through the arts
  • Highly engaged and supportive parent community
  • Spacious classrooms with abundant natural light
  • Convenient location- close to downtown
  • Committment to working together to integrate technology with the goal of enhancing learning and teaching in all areas of the curriculum
  • School-based fine arts specialist and various fine arts residencies
  • SMART Boards in every classroom and wireless technology
  • Calgary Reads School
  • Mentorship Program
  • Afterschool Calgary Boys and Girls Programs
  • Classroom-based breakfast program
  • Amazing 1912 sandstone building
  • Six acres of school grounds and playground
  • Walking distance to the Ramsay Outdoor Rink and Recreation Area
  • Spacious classrooms with abundant natural light

What we believe

Ramsay SchoolAt Ramsay School every student counts. Students receive a personalized education in a caring, effective and safe learning environment. Our school utilizes the"Ramsay Cirlce of Care" to support the development of positive school culture.  We use the vocabulary of the Ramsay Circle of Care to promote positive behaviour, in celebrating our successes and in reporting academic success through school report cards.

Ramsay School staff consistently promote and model all interactions with children and the community based on the Ramsay Cirlce of Care. The principles of the Ramsay Circle of Care guide us all in how we care for ourselves, others, this place and our learning. 

These principles include:

  • Care for Ourselves
  • Care for Others
  • Care for This Place
  • Care for Our Learning

Reggio-inspired learning at Ramsay School

Over the last year all of the staff at Ramsay School have been examining the ways to personalize learning for each of our learners.  Each staff member comes to Ramsay with a range of experiences gleaned through their own educational and teaching experiences and as we began talking about how to best personalize learning, we turned to a range of pedagogical philosophies and research to help frame our shared understandings and values. Read more

Resources at our fingertips!

Our students also reap the benefits of being in close proximity to such amenities as:

  • Inglewood Swimming Pool
  • Inglewood Bird Sanctuary
  • Pearce Estate Park
  • Bow Habitat Station (Sam Livingston Fish Hatchery)
  • Inglewood Community Centre and Outdoor Rink
  • The Calgary Zoo
  • Fort CalgaryRamsay School Brochure
  • The Calgary Exhibition and Stampede Grounds
  • The downtown core and City Hall

Read more about our school in our school brochure!