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Ramsay 2016-2017 Traditional School Calendar (PDF)

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Parents are asked to send children to school between 8:35 and 8:50 A.M. and between 12:45 and 1:00 P.M. unless they are in school-organized events. Teacher supervision is provided during these time periods. In the interest of safety, all children are also reminded to leave the playground when dismissed for the day and check in at home unless supervised by a parent.

Picking up your child

Sometimes parents wish to take children out of the lunchroom or from school early for a special occasion or appointment. It is important that we are informed so that we know where your child is. A sign-out book is kept inside the main office. Parents can call in to the school office to let us know of these arrangements, and send a note, or come in to the office to sign out the child. Please also help us to be aware of any custody agreements that may dictate who your child is permitted to leave the school with. Please provide a copy of court orders to the school office.

If you are picking your child/ren up early for appointments or arrive late for pickup, please check in at the main office. In the interest of safety, children are not to stand alone outside. Please remind children to go to the office to wait for pick up if you are late or not where they expect to meet you at dismissal. Please let teachers know if your child is walking home alone. Please note that upon dismissal, kindergarten students will be picked up outside the main office. Students will generally enter and exit through the side door out to the field area on the south side of the school.. 

Locked doors and security

Other than the front door, the outside doors to Ramsay School are locked while children are in school and are opened briefly in the morning, at recess and after school. This assists us in keeping the school safe and encourages visitors to the school to check in at the main office. If the children arrive late, they may enter at the front door and check in at the office. On rare occasions, the front doors may be locked if there is no one in the office due to emergency, staff meeting or other event which takes our administrative secretary from the office. In these situations, please ring the bell to gain access to the school.

All parents and visitors are required to sign in at the office and are asked to wear a visitor/volunteer badge while in the school during the school day. Please be aware that all adults who are working with children (other than their own) in the school are required to complete a police security screening as is described in our Volunteer Program.