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September 2013 Highlights

Ramsay SchoolWelcome to Ramsay School’s Library!  Keep checking here for recommended books, special events and other literary happenings…

Recommended Book of the Month

The Strongest Man This Side of Cremona by Georgia Graham. 

The Author, Georgia Graham, was born and raised in Calgary and attended the Alberta College of Art.
Matthew’s dad is the strongest man this side of Cremona.  He can lift Matthew over fences, and when he shouts at the cows, they scatter.  But while helping repair a fence on their dairy farm, Matthew encounters something stronger than his dad:  a tornado sweeping a path of devastation across the prairie.  Thanks to his dad’s quick thinking, they survive the tornado.  But it has left Matthew shaken, and their beautiful farm has been damaged almost beyond recognition.  While friends gather to help rebuild, Matthew discovers that the love he and his father share must be the strongest thing of all.

Library resources

We have an extensive collection of picture books, novels, nonfiction, graphic and levelled readers for students and staff to enjoy.  There is also a section of reference materials for all, and a professional library for staff.  We are working towards expanding our collection of novels and picture books on CD’s as well. 

Class time in the library

At Ramsay School, each class gets library time once per week.  During this time, Mrs. Potts reads stories, and students have the opportunity to check out resources for the week.  Kindergarten  is permitted one book per week, while grades 1-6 take two items plus a magazine. 

What’s new?

Look for our Halloween Books and of course Mrs. Potts’ Halloween display in the library.

Every month our library is able to purchase books from Scholastic Book Orders thanks to the Parent Council.  Additional books will be purchased  through United Library Services for our students.  These books will soon arrive and will be on the shelves as soon as possible.