Calgary Board of Education

Our Lunch Program

Ramsay SchoolRamsay School has an outstanding supervised lunch program which provides grades 1-6 children with an opportuntiy to eat lunch and socialize with their friends at school and to also take part in lunch hour clubs or intramural activities.. Children can be enrolled in the program on a monthly or drop-in basis.

Ramsay School offers a four day program (Monday to Thursday) with no lunch service on Fridays due to early dismissal at 12:30 p.m.

The cost of this program is $25.00 per month or a total of $250/year. This is payable in two methods:

  1. One cheque of $250.00 at the beginning of the school year payable to Ramsay School OR
  2. Nine post dated cheques – first cheque is for the first and last month - $50.00 and the remaining eight postdated cheques for $25.00 each month OR
  3. Interact or credit card payments authorized online through My CBE Account.

To for more information about our lunch program or to enroll your child in the Ramsay School Lunch Program, please contact our administrative secretary at 403-777-6793.