Calgary Board of Education

School Information & Procedures

Attendance and Lates

We look forward to having all students arrive at school on time! This is essential to their learning and to the learning of all students in their classroom. We ask all parents who bring their children to and from school to please be respectful of our school hours. We ask that students arrive at school between 8:00 and 8:10 am, allowing them some time to connect with their classmates before the school day begins. Should your child be late for school, they must report to the school office prior to going to their classroom.

A reminder to parents that all student absences and/or lates must be reported to the office prior to 8:15 am. You may leave a message on the attendance line. Voicemail is available 24 hours a day. If we have not heard from you, we will be calling you to confirm your child’s absence.


If you are picking up your child at the end of the day, rather than have them take the bus, please meet them at their bus prior to 2:36. If you are not there on time, and your child does not have a note in their agenda, they will go home on the bus.

If you always pick up your child, have them meet you outside at their designated door.

The school is unable to orchestrate play dates involving bussing changes. Children are not permitted to switch busses.

Forms, Forms, Forms

Throughout the year notices and forms will be sent home with your child.  Please ensure that all forms are returned to school in a timely manner.


If your child stays for lunch and does not ride the bus you must register for Noon Supervision. Students that have registered for Transporation will automatically be registered for Noon Supervision.  Children who stay at the school full time for lunch must have a note from their parent to go to a friend’s for lunch.  In addition, the parent who will be hosting the child must send a note indicating that they are aware of the visit. These notes must be brought to the office and the students must be signed out. They will not be allowed to leave without both notes.

Remember to clearly label your child’s lunch bag to avoid lost or misplaced lunch bags.  Please send a nutritious and sufficient lunch for your child.  The lunchroom cannot supply children with additional food.  We do not have extra utensils so please include those if needed.
Our milk program has already started, if you have not registered and wish to do so forms are available on our website or at the school office.

Lost and Found

The Lost and Found is located in the hall by the southwest entrance to the school. Items are kept on display at the Lost and Found for four weeks. Items that are unclaimed for more than two months are sent to charity.

Don’t forget to clearly label all personal supplies with your child’s name.


Please be advised that both parking lots are for staff parking only.  Parents, please remember not to park in the Community Centre parking lot. You may do so in the morning and after school just for drop-off and pick-up. The patrons for the programs offered there require those spaces.

As safety of children is compromised by unsafe drop-off/pickup, we will continue to monitor our parking lots and traffic around school times.  We need your help to provide a safe place for our students to walk onto the playground or into the building.  Please observe all posted signs.  These are not suggestions; many of them are City of Calgary by-laws and some are posted as a disclaimer for potential insurance claims.  Dropping students off in any parking lot is prohibited.

The reality of our situation is that there is no parking for parents in our parking lots.  All parking stalls have been designated as staff parking.

Please take an extra few minutes to find a safe place to park on the side streets.  (Do not block crosswalks, driveways or park in the alley across from the main entrance to the school). We must follow these precautions in order to keep our students safe!

Thank you for your cooperation!

Phone Calls

The safety and security of students is a priority at Westgate School.  We require the support of parents to ensure that students understand, prior to coming to school, how they will be going home and with whom. The volume of calls received during the school day about such matters can become unmanageable. This is also helpful for your child so they do not need to wonder/worry about this during their school day. Predictability helps children feel secure.

Phone calls to students will not be put through to classrooms. We will take a message and pass this on to your child. The office phone is for emergencies only. It is not to be used by parents or by the children to arrange play dates, etc.

Safety of Students and Minimizing Interruptions to the Classroom

When parents/guardians are picking up students prior to dismissal time, we ask that everyone follows this procedure:

- Come into the office.
- Sign out your child and the office staff will call the child to meet you in the office.  Do not go to the classroom.

If you need to drop off items, please leave those items in the office with an explanation and our office staff will ensure your child receives this item on time.

Student Agendas

Our student agendas are a wonderful tool of communication. This agenda contains our school handbook outlining very important information for parents. We chose to include this information in your child’s agenda to make it easier for you to make reference to the information you require about our school.

Volunteer Police Clearances

If you would like to volunteer in the school this year please ensure that you have completed a police clearance through a CBE school.

To apply for a Police Clearance you must first register as a volunteer at the school office. Please bring one piece of government issued picture ID to verify your identity so that we can register you in our volunteer database. You will then be provided with a letter enabling you to complete the on-line process. Police Clearances take 3-4 weeks to process.

Once it is approved you are welcome to volunteer. Clearances are only valid for 5 years. Please see the office if you are not sure how long your clearance has been in place.

A Volunteer Registration form must be completed each year.  Volunteer Registration forms are included in the Information package sent home at the beginning of the school year. Additional forms are available in the office.