Calgary Board of Education

Food and Allergies

Westgate School Statement Regarding Food Choices

As stated in the Calgary Board of Education's administrative regulation regarding nutrition: The CBE supports access to healthy, nutritional food choices for students that are essential to establish an environment that is safe, caring and conducive to effective learning by ... ensuring that good nutrition is promoted both in theory and in practice.  Administrative Regulation 3047 - Nutrition

Elementary schools such as Westgate are required to provide food and beverages that fall into the Alberta Nutritional Guidelines' "Choose Most Often" category 100% of the time. Although this regulation refers to CBE staff and contractors we also encourage families to send healthy snack and lunch items to school with their children.  

We strongly discourage parents from sending foods and beverages that contain common allergens such as peanuts and tree nuts.  Some of our students will become deathly ill if they come into contact with these foods. (For more information regarding our lunchroom practices please see the Lunchroom page of our school website.)

Our first concern is that all of our students stay safe and that they learn about healthy food choices.

An important day for each of our students is the day that the class celebrates their birthday!   We ask that families please refrain from sending food or other items from home to celebrate birthdays.  Teachers may continue to recognize birthdays in other ways. They will not distribute to the class food or other items from home as part of the celebration.

The Westgate School Council endorsed this statement at the October 2017 School Council Meeting and encourages all parents/guardians to adhere to the Alberta Nutritional Guidelines.