Calgary Board of Education


Rules & Information


  • Adult Supervisors wearing orange vest are responsible for the supervision of students during lunchtime.  They will assist students with whatever is needed.  Indoor and outdoor supervision is provided from 11:25-12:22.
  • Student Junior Supervisors in grades 4, 5 and 6 wearing blue vests are available to assist students at lunchtime.  (eg. opening items, doing up zippers)
  • Drop-In services are available for students who are not enrolled in the lunchroom program. The cost is $5.00 per day.  Payment must be made to the office on or before the day the student stays for lunch.
  • Parents must sign-in at the office and get a visitor’s pass if they want to see their child during the lunch hour.
  • Students enrolled in the lunchroom program must be signed out in the office by parents before leaving the school.


  • Students are not permitted to share food (allergies, etc.)
  • There is a designated allergy table for students with allergies to sit at. This table is clearly labelled. 
  • We encourage students to eat at least a little bit of everything in their lunch, based on the Canadian Food Guide.


  • All garbage must be placed in the garbage bins provided.  Students will be dismissed when their area is clean.
  • There are plastic bins for garbage and recycle bins for juice boxes, water bottles and pop cans in the lunchroom.   There is a separate recycle bin for milk.


  • Hats are not allowed to be worn while eating lunch inside except for school sanctioned events.
  • Students should use their indoor voices in the gym.
  • All students must raise their hand when they need help.
  • If students need to go to the washroom they must raise their hand and supervisors will give them a hallway/bathroom pass to be returned after using the bathroom.
  • Students who are not dressed appropriately for the weather conditions will be kept inside, parents will be notified.

Lunchroom Procedures

  • Eating food outside during the lunch hour is not permitted except during “Outdoor Lunch Days”.
  • Students bring their lunch to school in their backpack, clearly labelled with their name.
  • Grade 1,2 & 3 students eat from 11:25-11:54 and then go outside to play from 11:54-12:22.
    Grade 4, 5 & 6 students go outside to play from 11:25-11:54 and then eat from 11:54-12:22.
  • When grade 1, 2 and 3 students arrive to their class in the morning, they will put their lunch bag in their class lunch cart. The cart will be labelled with the teacher’s name, room and grade. At lunch time, a student in their class will take the cart to the lunchroom and students can retrieve their lunch from there.
  • Grade 4, 5, and 6 students go and get their lunch bags from their backpack when they come in for lunch at 12:05.
  • Grade 1 teachers walk students down to the gym the first week of school. Supervisors will be there to greet students and help them find a place to sit for the rest of the year.  Seating changes can be made upon request to the Lead Supervisor by a note in the agenda or contacting the lunchroom.
  • Grade 1, 2 and 3 students must make sure to bring their outdoor shoes, coat, hat, gloves, etc. to the lunchroom so that they are prepared to go outside to play after lunch.
  • Students registered in the milk program should take their milk from the milk bin when they arrive to the lunchroom.
  • After eating lunch, students in grade 1, 2 and 3 will put their lunch bag back into their classroom cart and a junior supervisor will deliver it to their classroom.  Before going home, students will take their lunch bag from the cart and put it into their backpack.