Calgary Board of Education


Rules & Information

Tag Playing tag in the playground area is not permitted.
Slides Slide down one at a time, feet first. Stairs must be used to get up the slide. Climbing up the slide is not permitted.  No rocks or other objects allowed on the slide.
Swings Swings must be used for swinging back and forth.  Swinging side to side, jumping off swings or twisting swings while in motion is not permitted.  Students must not walk around or between the swings while they are in motion.
Saucers Only four children are allowed on a saucer at a time, two sitting and two standing. Absolutely no pushing to start the saucer by other children. Once the saucer is in full motion, children are permitted to be on the saucer for 60 seconds at a time. While waiting their turn, children must stand behind the wooden perimeter of the playground until the saucer has come to a complete stop. No jumping off the saucer when it is in motion.
Flying Fox Slide one at a time (no doubles). Nothing may be tied to the handle. Students who are unable to reach the bar are likely too small to play on it safely. Supervisors or other students cannot help you up.
Monkey Bars Do not climb higher than your waist. Sitting on top of the bars is not permitted. Head needs to be above your feet.
Skipping Ropes Skipping is to be done on the compound only and ropes are not to be tied around one another.
All Equipment Do not climb on beams or sit on top of the bars. Do not climb higher than your waist. No jumping off equipment higher than your shoulders.
Big Rocks The big rocks are for sitting on only, no standing, running or jumping on/off. Do not push or pull someone already on the rocks.
Benches / Picnic Tables No standing on top of the tables or sitting on backs of the benches.
Team Games Soccer, football, basketball etc. will be monitored closely by supervisors for swearing, fair play and good sportsmanship.  Any child that does not follow rules will be removed from the game for a period of 1-5 days. Balls that cross boundaries, go on the road or into parking lots must be retrieved by a supervisor. Children are not allowed to go after them themselves.