Calgary Board of Education

Student Transportation During Cold Weather

When winter arrives, with it come cold temperatures, wind chill and snow. Such conditions can make getting to and from school challenging. In the winter season we would like to remind parents / guardians of the following:

  • Road conditions can result in possible traffic and school bus delays.  Please leave home early enough to arrive at school on time.
  • Please follow all rules of the road when dropping your child off in the morning.  Do not park in bus zones, in crosswalks, on corners or in front of driveways.
  • Children should be dressed for the weather and not left unattended at bus stops.
  • An increase in school bus mechanical problems is common during extremely cold weather. Parents / guardians whose children access bus service are asked to check the status of their bus on
  • The school will only email families if the bus will be delayed for more than 20 minutes past pull away and nothing is posted on My School Bus Monitor. We strongly encourage families to consult My School Bus Monitor. In the event that nothing is posted on My School Bus Monitor and we are aware of bussing delays, we will do our best to communicate with families in a timely way. Please understand that we do not always have accurate information regarding late busses.

Regardless of weather conditions all CBE schools remain open to provide a safe, warm and secure environment for attending students.