Calgary Board of Education

About Our School

Wildwood is an exciting and caring learning community that celebrates the cultural diversity of our families. Together, students, parents/guardians and staff create meaningful learning opportunities for all students. With over 45 different languages represented at Wildwood, we stress learning acceptance and empathy for others, which are important life skills. The staff is enthusiastic and dedicated helping students achieve their potential best, to develop critical and creative thinking skills and to build effective work habits and social skills. Students are preparing for life-long learning and career possibilities.

Staff continue to teach valuable interpersonal skills through the Circle of Courage so that students communicate respectfully and learn to make responsible choices/decisions. Our goal is that every student becomes a responsible citizen who possesses the character to do what is right, act morally with wisdom, and balance individual concerns with the rights and needs of others.

Ongoing communication from our community is valued and welcomed. We encourage communication with parents through daily student agendas, the monthly newsletter, school visits, phone calls, D2L and conferences. We invite all parents/guardians to be active participants in their child's education by attending Parent/Teacher Conferences, School Council meetings and volunteering in the school. Parent/guardian participation and interest in your child's education has a positive influence on his/her academic success.

Please read through the student/parent handbook portion of your child’s agenda. We ask that you and your child discuss the contents of the handbook prior to signing the commitment page. We look forward to a positive, exciting year together as a school learning community.

Wildwood School Goal

To advance student learning and achievement in a safe and caring school environment as defined in the CBE Educational Ends Policy.

Wildwood School Mission Statement

Wildwood School provides a creative learning atmosphere in which a love for learning is nurtured within a caring and respectful community. We strive to develop balanced citizens who make wise choices and solve problems effectively.

Wildwood School Motto

“Working Together to Create a Community of Lifelong Learners”

Circle of Courage

Wildwood School is modeled on the Circle of Courage a native philosophy, which promotes positive development in everyone. The central premise of this model is that a set of shared values and common language must be present in order to unify a community of learners. These shared values include belonging, independence, mastery and generosity. The Circle of Courage is a unifying vision and a common language for all staff, students and families. This language engages all members of the learning community fostering self-esteem, a sense of self-worth and inclusiveness.

Belonging: Each and every person needs to feel they belong to our Wildwood School Community.

Independence: Each person is responsible for their own actions. We have the ability to make decisions, care for others and solve problems.

Mastery: Each person strives to be their best and achieve goals. This lets us all gain confidence in the physical, intellectual, social and spiritual self.

Generosity: Each person appreciates receiving and feels even better when giving something good to be shared. This allows us to fully participate in our community.