Calgary Board of Education

Fees and Waivers

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School fees provide schools with essential learning resources that ensure students are presented with the best possible learning enrichment opportunities. In this section, information is provided on the various fees at our schools as well as information about fee waivers.

Mandatory Fees and deposits are those identified by and permitted by the School Act, and which are payable, unless waived, by all registered students.

Elective Fees are those that result from a choice made by parents, students or staff, in favor of a certain program or service provided by schools or other Calgary Board of Education service locations.

Instructional Resource Fees (mandatory per-student fee)

Kindergarten - $ 15.00
Grades 1 to 6 - $ 30.00

The Calgary Board of Education has a Family Maximum Fee payable for Instructional Resource Fees. Rebates are available to families that pay their children's Instructional Resource Fees at their schools and submit their receipts, with a rebate application form (click here for a pdf of the form) to Corporate Finance at the Calgary Board of Education. As a result of this rebate, Families will pay a maximum of $264.00 for Instructional Resource Fees. More information about this rebate is available at CBE schools.

Transportation Fees (mandatory fee for each student riding the bus)

The Calgary Board of Education provides subsidized transportation for students who live outside the walk-limit for the school that they attend. Walk-limits are 2.4 kilometers for students other than Kindergarten – Grade 6 elementary students whose walk-limit is 1.2 kilometers.

Kindergarten to Grade 9 - $ 165.00

The Calgary Board of Education has a family maximum for eligible students that pay Transportation Fees for charter bus services. A rebate of $150 per student is available for students accessing Calgary Transit Services.

Elementary noon supervision (elective fee)

A Noon Supervision Service is offered for a fee to certain elementary students in the Calgary Board of Education. This fee applies to students that stay for lunch and: live within the walk-limit of and attend their designated school, or by choice, attend a school other than their designated school.

Incidental activity fee for students at lunch time (elective fee)

This fee may be charged by elementary and junior high schools for students staying at school over lunch hour. This fee is to assist schools in meeting the incidental activity needs of students at lunchtime.

Grades 1 to 6 - $ 10.00

Please contact your child's school for information on whether this fee will be charged at the school.

Other charges

Schools may recover direct costs for fieldtrips, gym strips, Yearbooks, Graduation, materials upgrades (silk instead of cotton, oak instead of spruce) where requested. These recoveries, which are school/grade specific are elective and are payable if accessing the service or items. Please contact your child's school for additional information about these items and the expectations of the school.

Fee Waivers

The Calgary Board of Education provides waivers for parents/guardians if they meet established financial guidelines. The Fees for which waivers may be granted are:

Instructional Resource Fee
Transportation Fee
Music Instrument Registration Fee
Waiver Application forms are available on-line or can be picked up at the school.