Calgary Board of Education

School Showcase

William Reid Students Practice the 3 E’s:  Engaged Thinkers, Ethical Citizens with an Entrepreneurial Spirit

A Grade 2 study of Boats and Buoyancy led students to thinking about water and how children in other countries don’t have access to clean water. Students were struck by the lack of clean water and how far children had to walk to get the family supply.  Ethically they didn’t feel it was right for children to have to take on this responsibility, which triggered a desire to make a difference and help another community.  Students set out to reach a goal of raising $5000 to build a well in a water deprived country.

The Grade 2 students engaged the rest of the school population and greater community by inviting them to a “walk for water” and a silent auction.  With an entrepreneurial spirit, students completed a variety of tasks both in and out of school to raise the money.  For example, students collected money from lemonade stands, hosted public yoga classes and donated birthday money to the Free the Children organization.

Students wrote letters and presented them to many local business asking for donations to help raise awareness and funds to build a well.  Over 100 items poured in and were donated on May 31 at the Silent Auction. 

In the end, over $11 000 was raised, enabling the students to provide 2 wells, one in Kenya, one in China and contribute to other school supplies for students.

We are proud of our students whose desire to make a difference to another community fostered a collaborative work ethic and sparked an entrepreneurial spirit that will leave a lasting impression.