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Georgia O'Keefe

Georgia O'Keefe enjoyed painting at a young age. She moved to New York City to study more about painting because she wasn't taken seriously where she was. She loved nature and a lot of her paintings were about flowers. Georgia O'Keefe's flower paintings made you feel like they were real. She painted until she was 99.

Now I am going to write about what we did. We went out into the school garden to find a flower that we liked. We used our scribblers to draw our flower. We used oil pastels to colour our favourite flower. A few days later we got a big piece of paper and drew the outside of our flower like one of Georgia O'Keefe's paintings. Then we coloured with oil pastels the inside of the flower and smudged it. We washed the paper surrounding the flower with paint.

By Marnie (Grade 2)


For these pictures, we went out into the shool garden and looked closely at the flowers. We picked an interesting flower and sat in front of it. We tried to copy its shape and detail. Many of them paid particular attention to the center of the flower (see the left and center pictures).

When we went back to class we practiced blending with oil pastel before we moved onto our next copy.

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