1. Match Container

-orange cylinder

-size: 7.7 cm

-used for: keeping matches dry

2. Mighty Bean

-yellow and red

-size: 3.4 cm

-used for: toy for children

3. Bug Spray

-orange aerosol can

- Size: 10.5 cm

-used for: keeping bugs away

4. 2 Glow Sticks


-size: 22 cm

-used for: a light source, for fun

5. Lance Armstrong Bracelet

-yellow and says Livestrong

-size: 8.5 cm

-used for: wearing around the wrist as a bracelet to raise money and awareness for cancer

6. Page of Stickers

- sheet of bumble bee stickers

- about 12 on the page

- used for: putting on papers, as rewards for students, for fun

7. Sydney the Duck

-white rubber duck with orange hat on, has tag around the neck

- size: about 10 cm tall

-used for: this duck is part of a game. It has a tag around itís neck that tells us that it has been to many places and it would like to go to many more. When you bring it to another location you must record itís journey in a journal

8. Bear Bell

-black bell

-size: 7 cm, with Velcro to fit around your fingers

-used for: Scaring away bears.

9. Package of Badges

- 3 red and white Canada flag badges, still in packaging

- various sizes; small, medium and large

-used for: sewing on clothing or backpacks to show that we represent Canada

10. Sheet of Stickers

-sheet of Teddy Bear Stickers

-about 15 stickers on sheet, brown and black

-used for: putting on papers, rewards for students, for fun

11. Camping Towels

-still in the package, 3 towels folded in circular shape

-white and blue towels

-used for: camping and outdoor trips

12. Compass /Thermometer

†-smaller than a fist

†-useful in a forest

†-key chain

†-made in the USA

13. Zip-loc Bag†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

-two baby pictures

-two pencils

-Calgary catchers coin with a picture of the Calgary Tower

14. Canada Thermometer

-used to find temperature and location

-when people see it they know you are from Canada

15. Logbook

-when you find the box you write your account name

-you document what you are taking and putting in the box

-you write whether you found the box intentionally or not