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A unique and unexpected learning opportunity presented as we made the discovery of an old metal army surplus box. Upon opening it, we found out that it was really a geo cache, a world wide game involving the use of a GPS to locate hidden caches. The box, discovered by a Grade six student, started the inquiry of solving the mystery in the class. (Mrs. Zakariasen, Assistant Principal)

The students quickly arranged themselves into groups and got to work. Here is what happened:

Documenting: Tyler, Simon, David, Alex divided the items in the box and each took 4 digital photographs. These photos were downloaded and named. Each student was responsible for describing each of the items, paying attention to details. Student teachers assisted by typing for the students. The items and the image have been put into a table.

TD Canada Trust Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup: Shaniqua, Cass, Wilson wrote a letter explaining what happened. They are typing it onto a word document with the intention of informing the organization, and applying for the most bizarre finding.

Geo Site: Cameron, Tobin, Collette worked with the plan group (Reid M, Hessel, Shalice and Annie) alongside the student teacher. Cameron has an account and was able to log into the website. The exact coordinates were not found as he didn’t have a specific level of authority. A quick message was sent to the “owner” of the box and within minutes the “owner” responded. Collette was able to attach her letter to the site to tell other member what had happened.
New item: Reid A., Erica, Kristen and Jill brainstormed ideas amongst themselves, ask the vice principal and then went to each classroom asking for input. It was decided that the story of what happened and a Glendale pen would be added to the box.
Sydney the Duck: Justin went on the website and tracked down where the duck has been. While on the site he sent a quick note explaining that his class had found the box. A reply came from Vancouver from the person who created Sydney arrived. We were able to see all of the places which Sydney has been. Along with Brandon P, Theo and Genta a story was written. The group decided where the duck will be going next. With the assistance of Richard, Sydney was sent to Australia.

Everyone at Glendale Elementary School was so excited about this find. We made sure every class had a chance to see and experience the contents.

We were lucky to have the owner of the geocache come to our school. He was full of information. It was fascinating to hear about how he got started, how many boxes he has and the stories about the items in the box we discovered.


We now have interest in doing our own Glendale geo cache.

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