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Everyone was very excited to look inside the geo cache box. We discovered that one of the rules of the box is that an item needs to be taken out and replaced with something new. The students decided to take out Sydney the Duck. This created a new adventure because Sydney was tagged (430731). Justin, a grade six student, went to the web site engraved to the tag around the duck's neck (http://forums.groundspeak.com/gc/) and wrote the following letter:

The Adventure of Sydney the Duck

It all started out at Griffith Woods while we were doing the TD Canada Trust Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup on Friday 16th September, 2005. While we were doing the cleanup, a student in our class found a mysterious box. In the area we found two shotgun shells and a broken beer bottle. So we figured that someone had been shooting and drinking and had forgotten about the box. We all thought that it was ammo box, so the police officer on the scene suggested that we take it back to the school to find out what the mysterious box really was. All the teachers were worried that it was a trap. Then Ms. Evans walked into the room and opened the box and said, “Hey, a geo cache”. Everybody was astounded but the excitement of the situation had only just begun. Ms. Evans got into a long conversation about GPS’s and how you can get coordinates and go on a treasure hunt to find a cache. Everyone was amazed and excited by the possibilities this little box brought to our learning. The whole story was finally linking together. The principal did a little more research on this geo caching. On Monday morning excitement was clearly pumping through the principals’ veins. She rushed to the grade six class and told the whole story to the class everybody was as excited as she was. We quickly divided up into groups and are in the process of tackling different areas of this problem. Now Sydney the Duck is sitting in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in Glendale Elementary School.

Glendale Elementary School

We needed to decide where Sydney was going to go next. There were many suggestions put forward. We found out that our former principal was heading to Australia and we thought it would be a great opportunity for Sydney to hitch a ride. It was necessary to find a family in Australia who would be able to put Sydney into a new geo cache box. With the help of Richard, a family was found. There was a slight change in plans. Sydney was sent, along with some small Canadian item, to Australia by Fed Ex.

Through Fed EX we found out that Sydney had arrived in Australia and so we wrote a letter on the Groundspeak site as follows:

Dear Garner Family,

Thank you for taking the time to receive and cache Sydney the Duck. We are very happy to hear that she has arrived safe and sound in Australia! Just out of curiosity, which cache was Sydney put into? Thanks again!


Grade 6 Glendale Elementary (Cameron)

There was a reply:

I've taken the Canadian items that you sent and the Sydney the Duck travel bug and made a travel bug motel cache here in Brisbane named after the Glendale Elementary School. More info about the GES Travel cache can be found (hit the link). If you want you can track visits by people to the cache and also track visits by travel bugs to the cache. You could then perhaps track where these travel bugs might travel in the future. So far the GES Travel Bug Motel has proved popular and has about 9 travel bugs in it at the moment. It has already been visited by international and out of state visitors as well.

I hope you enjoy watching the cache.

Mr. Garner (10/25/05)

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