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  In September, Glendale Elementary School embarked on a full school initiative, participating in the TD Canada Trust Great Canadian Shoreline Clean Up. In the spirit of both citizenship and environmental responsibility, the intent was to help refresh a local ecological space which had been impacted by the spring floods.        
      The learning community was stongly committed to using both the venue and opportunity to provide our students with more than just a "garbage picking" day. Teachers, parents and local experts constructed carefully planned activities where students contributed litter data to a national data ban, while at the same time develop and deepen their knowledge and understanding of a local, natural, ecological environment.

Students experienced first hand the place for electrofishing, plant identification, a pond study, shoreline water chemistry and a carefully executed shoreline clean up. As always happens, there were many unanticpated dividends to the day; by picking up one piece of litter, one class suddenly discovered they were part of an international GPS game! Read on......


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