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The Alien Streetcleaner and Woodcutter Bug

The Drawing Board
This group originally had the idea to build a "Junkyard Warrior".  They decided to build something else because their "Warrior" had nobody else to fight.  This group understood the role of the sensors and wanted to incorporate the sensors onto the structure on the first day.  This beginning robot also had some speical features: "We made a car with a scooper and also we made a pusher".

Celebration: "The gears are working very well instead of pulleys."

Work in Progress
This group found many problems with getting the robot to move.  First they started by building their drive system using pulleys.  They found that this worked, but then the robot would "blow up", because the structure of the robot wasn't strong enough for the pressure caused by the elastic (pulley).  They decided they either had to make the structure stronger or switch to gears.  They decided to change to gears, but soon realized that with gears the motor still was falling off, so they also made their structure stronger anyway.  The group learned a lot from this change : "We took off the pulley and inserted gears, now it runs faster. We need to put the bigger gear on the motor and smaller gear on the bottom".

 Frustration: "The motor kept falling off and the light sensor didn't work"

Our Finished Robot!
The finished robot was  named the "Alien Streetcleaner and Woodcutter".  This final robot also had wings, antennae, and green and blue lights that flashed. "The Alien Streetcleaner and Woodcutter" moved forwards and backwards, as well, it had a light sensor to tell the robot when an obstacle was approaching.    Imagine this crazy Alien cleaning your street and cutting your wood!

Our Robolabtm Program
This group's program was awesome.  It started with the "Alien Bug" moving forward and then the lights flashed on for 0.2 seconds.  This created the image of a police light, because they programmed the green and blue light to flash alternately for 0.2 seconds each.  They programmed the robot to move backwards for 4 seconds if the touch sensor was pushed in.  If the touch sensor was not touched then the robot continued doing the same thing; they achieved this with a "jump" in the program.

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