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All About Robots

Which of these are robots?


The Answer:  All of them!  Our class discovered that robots play a very important role in our lives.

Find out what what our class has learned about Robots......

  • Although movies often portray robots with human like characteristics, robots usually look quite different. 
  • 9 out of 10 (90%) of robots, are industrial robots, building things in factories.
  • Why do you think robots are used in factories so much?
Mr. Jesse and his robot.  His robot moves its arms, hands, 
head and mouth!  When a robot is designed to look and 
act like a human it is called a humanoid.
Click here to find out more about humanoids.


A robot is any machine that does work on its own, automatically after it is programmed by humans.

An easy way to think of robots, is that they FEEL, THINK and DO.

FEEL: Use a sense to interpret information (Touch a wall.)
THINK: Make a decision concerning that information (Decide that they will back up).
DO: React or do something in response to what they feel (Reverse direction and back away from the wall).

The RCX has all the functions of a robot:
  • FEEL: Input ports that receive information from sensors (touch, light) 
  • THINK: The microcomputer in the centre of the RCX holds programs that analyze the information coming from the Input ports.
  • DO: The output ports supply the power to perform the commands from the microcomputer.

What are some of the ideas of the class?

" A robot is a programmed machine that senses its environment and that does things for us".

"A robot helps us do things we don't want to do or that are too dangerous for us to do".

"A robot makes work easier for us".                                                                    

Click here to visit a web site on the History of Robots.
-How did robots get their name? When did they come into existence? Click here to find these
questions and more!

Click on this site to see how robots are used across Canada!

Click on this site to discover some robots used for interesting purposes!


Our class discovered that robots surround us, and affect our lives in many ways. 
  • Robots can perform dangerous tasks for humans. Example: Retrieve bombs, work in contaminated areas like in nuclear power plants.
  • Do repetivitive jobs very precisely, without getting tired or hungry.
  • Save people time.  For example, in our homes we use car garage openers, microwaves, and washing machines to make our lives easier.
  • Some students in the class have toys that are robots (Tamagotchi, Furby and Poochie).

  • Our class learned a lot of important skills in our robotics unit.  We learned how to build, program and test our robots, working together in groups.  Learning these skills is exciting and we found out that there are a lot of exciting and important uses for robots out there.......

Robots can help humans explore dangerous and exciting places....

  • Nasa built a robot called Sojourner to explore the surface of Mars.  The scientists at Nasa used the same programming language (LabVIEW) to program Sojourner, as we used to program our robots in the classroom!
  • Sojourner was able to explore the landscape of Mars, which was far to dangerous for humans and help us understand more about its surface. 

Click here to visit Nasa site to find out more about Sojourner

Sojourner rover
Find out what things Nasa is working on for the future


The AutoSub is a robot that can explore deep below the oceans, carrying out scientific research missions.  This sub can withstand water pressure far better than humans and can explore 40 times deeper.

AUVs(Autonomous Underwater Vehicles), can be programmed to operate without constant human orders, using sensors and satellite information to help it navigate. 

    AUVs help humans explore for oil, gas and minerals.


Difficult Terrain: Our class discovered how difficult it is for robots to travel over rough terrain. We experimented with different types of wheels, caterpillar tracks, and gear ratios to help our robots have more grip and power.
    The designers of ROBUG studied insects, to inspire their 8 leg design and to develop their programs to get it to move.  ROBUG can move around in hazardous and unpredictable environments.

Robots can help people save time and money, as well as doing jobs we find repetitive....

Robots are used in many industries including farm work.  Farm robots have a challenge job for the livestock they work with a fragile, and come in many shapes and sizes. Using robots can save farmers a lot of time and money. 
  • This sheep sheerer uses sensors to keep the clippers away from the skin while still getting a close cut.
  • This cow milking robot (still in research phase), can milk cows without human assistance, which could save farmers thousands of hours of time.

What might robots being doing for us in the future???
Scientists are experimenting with using robotics to help people with missing limbs and paralysis.

NANOBOTS:  Computer technology is getting smaller everyday.  Computers used to fill entire rooms, however they are now shrinking beyond our sight!   Nanotechology is the smallest scale of engineering.  How small is that? Well a nanometer is one billionth of a meter, about the width of ten atoms. 
  • Scientists are exploring the possibility of using nanobots to repair the human body from the inside.  This imaginary drawing is of a nanobot removing cholesterol from the inside of a blood vessel wall.
What might YOU be doing in the field of robotics in the future?........

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