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Madison the Cat

The Drawing Board
This group learned a lot on their first day, especially sinece most of this group had not used Lego before!  They experimented and discovered how the Lego pieces stick together and got comfortable building with Lego.  By the second day they decided to make a cat that chased it's own tail.  They experimented with their design, so that their robot would turn.  They decided that wheels would be the best way to move the cat.  This group had a lot of frustration in the early stages with their structures falling apart. 

Celebration: "We wrote the song "the cat came back" and put it in our program."

Work in Progress
This group spent a lot of time trying to find the strongest and best structure for their robot.  "Sometimes her face kept falling apart". They didn't give up and once they conquered their structural problems their robot came to life rapidly.  Instead of Madison chasing her tail, they had her chase a mouse that they attached to the front of her.    They also exchanged their pulleys for gears in their drive system.  "We used a small, medium, and large gear.  It was very tricky".  This group also learned "that gears are stronger than pulleys".

 Frustrations: "The Boys took our computer!"

Our Finished Robot!
The final robot was one of the largest robots in the class.  The robot's two eyes lit up and it's tail wagged as it moved.  This robot was also very  structurally strong.  These girls worked very hard on the structure and the result was fabulous. The way the motor was braced on the back of the robot shows how much thought this group put into the structure of the robot.  The motor on this robot never once had a problem with becoming unstable due to resistance of the gears they used.  This design enabled Madision to climb steep hills.  This group also built a baby cat named Sreva, that sits on Madison's back.  

Our Robolabtm Program
This group programmed their "Cat" to chase the mouse that was attached to the front of the robot.  They also programmed the song "The Cat Came Back" to play as the robot preformed it's functions.  The robot moved forward for 6 seconds then backwards for 6 seconds, then a light went on and the song started.  After the song was done the robot went forward again for 8 seconds.

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