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The Pooper Scooper

The Drawing Board

This group wanted their robot to do something useful.  It took the three of them the first day to brainstorm and play around with the Lego a bit before they decided that they wanted to make a robot to clean or pick up junk.  They decided that most dog owners would pay a fortune for a robot that would clean up the dog poop, and if they could invent this they would be able to market it and become rich. 

Work in Progress
This group of boys had many different stages to their robot.  They built, took apart, and rebuilt their robot about five times, but this was good because everytime they rebuilt a better robot emerged.  They played around with a revolving lookout tower and they also struggled with making the "scoop" sturdy.  They found it very difficult to create a scoop that would lift the poop or junk so they decided to just have scoop that gathered junk.  The group also experimented with many method for moving their robot, including different sizes of wheels and tank tracks. They also created a lookout tower that rotated using a mini-motor.

Our Finished Robot!
The picture shows that the scoop doesn't lift the junk, but collects it in the front.  The Pooper Scooper drives into junk and swallows the junk up in the front.  To the side of the robot is some junk (Lego pieces) that the robot is able to pick up.  This robot picked up the excess debris very well.  At the end of the day when the students had to clean up this group turned on the Pooper Scooper and it helped pick up some of the pieces.  The Pooper Scooper had two touch sensors above the scoop.  The purpose of these sensors was to tell the robot if the junk was too big for the scoop.  If the junk was too big the robot would back up so that it wouldn't get stuck. 

Our Robolabtm Program
This robot moved forward looking for Lego pieces and other things to "scoop-up".  This robot had no problem scooping up small things, but when it ran into something large it had a few problems.  The boys put a touch sensor right above the scooper so that if it hit something large it would stop and go backwards for 2 seconds and then stop.

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