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The Beetle

By: Stephanie, Sammantha, Kayla and Brianna

The Drawing Board
This group started by making an alien that would move it's wings and play scary music.  They also were working hard on getting the wheels to work, and got them to move using pulleys. 

This design team made lots of design changes as they explored the materials they had to work with. 

"We make a lot of changes to our alien.  The RCX box is like a remote control".

"I've had fun doing it with my group and sharing the robot together".

Work in Progress
This group continued to test and modify their robot throughout the project: 

"We changed the belt.  Now in its place are three gears, a little one and two medium ones.  Now the RCX box is siting in the middle of the robot".

The group had some frustrations with keeping the motor on the RCX box and keeping all the pieces together.  They discovered that the bump on the bottom of the motor was causing the problem, so they used some thin pieces to build around it. 

"The pieces wouldn't stay togeher so we tried it different ways.  We got it to work".

The group decided that their robot was going to be a beetle, so they attached an antennae to the top, using a mini-motor so it would spin.

"It is fun to have help from friends when you need help".

Our Finished Robot!
The Beetle's final design was very strong and powerful.  The RCX box was secured to the top of the robot, and pieces were build around it like a box.  The motor attachment design was strengthened, which helped the gears stay meshed together properly. 

The group attached a light sensor and touch sensor to their robot.  The touch sensor prevented the Beetle from bumping into walls, while the light sensor would turn on the the light when it got dark.

"We took turns doing things on the program, and everyone did a good job".

Our Robolabtm Program
The Beetle group learned a lot about patience, when their program did not save, and they had to re-start their programming on the last day.  They did a great job finishing in time to present their robot to the rest of the class!

The Beetle is programmed to sing Amazing Grace which Samantha found in a sheet music book.  The song is programmed to play twice in a loop.

The Beetle is also programmed to go forwards until the touch sensor is pushed When the touch sensor is pushed in the Beetle will reverse directions and go backwards six seconds then stop.  (They did not have time to re-program the lights,  light sensor or mini-motor: next time!)

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