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The Killer Dragster

Colin, Robert, Jorden, and Dylan

The Drawing Board
This group of boys knew that they wanted to make a dragster from the start.  They had one problem: the RCX 1.0 box was to big and heavy.  They needed to think of a way they could make an aerodynamic dragster while at the same time using the power and brains of the RCX 1.0 box.  They decided to use the box as a hand held controller and found long wires to connect the motor to the box.

Celebration: "It's faster than all the rest."

Work in Progress
The dragster was, at first, the fastest robot built.  Then "The Rocket" started to win some races.  Both groups discovered that gears worked better and could make the robots go faster.  This team of boys was largely motivated by the races that went on in the hallway.  They wanted to make sure that the other group (The Rocket) wouldn't out race them.  They found that by having the RCX 1.0 box in their hands caused a few problems.  They had to run along behind their robot so that the robot would not out drive the "slack" distance of the wires, and they also found that the wires became tangled easily.  However, they liked the fact that the RCX 1.0 box was not on the dragster to add additional weight.

 Frustrations: "His eyes kept of falling off."

Our Finished Robot!
The final robot didn't look much different than what they first started with but it was different in many ways.  The end product used gears instead of pulleys and they had also worked on the structure of the dragster to make it stronger, because, in the beginning, it tended to break appart due to the incredible speed that it travelled.  This new and improved dragster could travel at a super speed and stay together at the same time.  They also added a touch sensor so the robot would stop if it ran into an obstacle.  This group also removed the rubber from the tires to reduce the friction and drag of their robot.

Our Robolabtm Program
The Killer Dragster was fast.  They programmed it to play a couple of notes and then take off into super speed mode.  Since they had the RCX 1.0 box in their hands they programmed it as a romote control.  They put a touch sensor on the RCX 1.0 box.  When the touch sensor was pushed in the robot would go backwards and when they let go the robot would, again, go forwards.

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