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The Rocket

Ian, Johnny, and Chris

The Drawing Board
This group knew from the start that they wanted to make a car.  Their goal was to make the fastest robot car around.  They decided that the RCX 1.0 box would be in the main body of the car and they started to think about the best way to design a fast car with such a heavy component on it (The RCX 1.0 box). 
Their beginning car used pulleys to move their wheels: 
"We used small wheels for the front and big wheels for the back".

Work in Progress
As they designed and worked on their car they discovered that another group was also attempting to make a fast robot car.  Now the challange was on.  The other group (The  Killer Dragster) was well on their way to creating a very fast car.  This group of boys decided to focus on making their car with strong structure, and then manipulating the gears to make their vehicle go faster. 

Celebrations: "Tommorow we are having a race with the Killer Dragster group."

Our Finished Robot!
This group's robot drove very fast.  They achieved this speed by putting a large gear on the motor and then attaching that large gear to a smaller gear.  They spend a lot of their time trying to get their robot to go faster.  The first couple of days this group used a pulley system to move the robot.  By the third day, they moved to gears when they discovered that by using gears the robot could move a lot faster.  They raced the "Killer Dragster" many times and if they lost they went back to the drawing board to make it faster, if they won then the "Killer Dragster" team went back to the drawing board.  At the end of Robotics both groups had accomplished the maximum speed possible for their designs; it's amazing how competition fosters motivation and a desire for learning.

 Frustrations: "The gears were hard to put on."

Our Robolabtm Program
These boys were interested in racing first and for most.  When they were introduced to programming they became very interested in how the sensors can manipulate the robot in different ways.  They decided to put a light sensor on their car and programmed the robot to stop and run backwards when it approaches an obstacle.  They did this by programming the car to stop and drive backwards when the light sensor detected a reduction in light.  They also wrote an alternate program where the robot drives at full speed for 15 seconds then stops and goes backwards for 3 seconds.  Both programs worked well for what they wanted - to race.

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