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The Tank

Eric, Kris, and Chris

The Drawing Board
This group started with the idea that they wanted to build a car.  They wanted to build a race car.  Then as they started to design their robot they decided that they wanted to do something more than just a car.  This is when they encountered another problem: they had too many good ideas and couldn't decide on what to make.  They finally decided that they wanted to make a tank with a working cannon.

Celebration: "We found out that the tank could climb things."

Work in Progress
This group's robot evolved many times with new and different ideas along the way.  They decided to use gears to move a platform with a cannonball on it.  Once the platform was moved to a certain point the cannonball would pop off the platform like it was being shot.  They struggled to get the ball to fly a good distance with accuracy.  The cannon was almost at a working stage before the group decided to try something else.

 Frustations: "Our gears kept falling off."

Our Finished Robot!
This group became very frustrated with the fact that they could not get the cannon to work.  They eventually ran out of time and decided to build a tank that would move forwards and backwards and have a touch sensor.  The touch sensor would help the robot determine whether it was approaching an obstacle. The group used two gears to move the tank treads.  They experimented with the gear ratios to help their robot climb up slope.

Our Robolabtm Program
Since the cannon did not work in terms of design the boys just focused on moving the tank in the program.  They programmed the tank to go forwards for 6 seconds, stop, then go backwards for 6 seconds.  They wanted to make sure the tank could climb up a steep hill for 6 seconds and then climb back down.  It worked.

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