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The Y2K1 Music Bug

The Drawing Board
The Y2K1 Music Bug,  named after the computer virus, was designed to help catch robbers. 

This group started with it's RCX box separated from the robot, attached with wires as a remote control.  They decided to put the motor on the bottom of the robot.  The motor turned the axle by using spur gears in a 90 degree angle to each other. They wanted to put lights in the eyes of the robot, but the connector cords would not fit inside the eyes.  (The connector cords are very important as they supply the electricity from the output port). 

This robot used tank treads around it's wheels, in order to help it move over rough terrain. This robot already had a lot of personality with it's wings, hair and eyes!

"I liked building the Robot the best"

Work in Progress
This group had many difficulties with things falling apart. However the group realized that, "the wings and the eyes kept falling off because they didn't have support".  By using crossbars and making sure to try to connect as much of the surfaces as possible they worked on making their structure more reliable. They also worked on getting the lights to come on and the touch sensor to work,  by programming then testing their robot.

"Our robot is so cool and we finally got the hang of programming it-  YES!!"

Our Finished Robot!
The final Y2K Music Bug Prototype, has a lot of interesting features. This design team added a cage on the back of their robot to store things.  When the cage was added the wings were given extra reinforcement and they are staying on very well now.   The cage is also designed to bundle the wires together and feed them out the back of the robot so they do not get in the way.

"Why won't the program work? We want a huge program, but it still has a bug!"

Our Robolabtm Program
The Y2K1 Music Bug is programmed to sing Beethoven's Fifth Symphony.  At first, the group felt the the song was too short and that the tone too high, so they lengthened the duration of each note, put the music into a loop, and lowered the music notes by an octave. The group used a piano to help them determine that the notes should go "EEEC, DDDB".

The second task still has a few programming bugs.  The group hoped to get the light to turn on, and for the bug to driven forward on minimum power when the run button was pushed.  The part that still needs work, is getting the motor to increase to maximum power when the touch sensor on the remote RCX is pushed.

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