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Who would have thought that the interests, and information shared from our pen pals in Dubai would lead to such an exploration in a Calgary classroom? Our class has been pen pals with a group of students at the Dubai American Academy since September 2004. It has been through this correspondence that we have all become quite intrigued with the current water developments in Dubai, namely The Palm Islands, The World Islands, The Burj and the Hydropolis Hotel.

The Nakheel Development Company was so kind as to send us an information package on the Palm Islands, and from that, the students have been searching the Internet for other interesting facts as well as following the development process. From our research to date, the students now are interested in knowing more about the lost city of Atlantis (because what if the same thing happens to The World Islands?) as well as listening to the tale of ‘20,000 Leagues Under The Sea’ (Hydropolis Hotel).

The students have done some amazing art work with palm trees and are interested in doing some ‘scale’ work with any of the above mentioned developments as well as recreating an underwater hotel room.

Within a robotic inquiry the students programmed their robots to perform tasks related to a development of their choice. Tasks included security for The World and Palm Islands, underwater safety patrol of the underwater hotel as well as a ball retriever for the Burj Hotel.

We welcome you to explore our site and consider for yourself if this truly is...the 8th Wonder of the World.


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