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Journal Entries

After each robotics session the students reflected upon the day's activities, their celebrations as well as their frustrations...a snapshot of their reflections are listed below.


“We made the claw!” ( Bryce )
“ Today, I helped both other groups along with my own.” (Bryce)
“ We ( I ) got a perfect gear train on” (Malcolm)
“ World war 3 ended” (Jessie)
“ On the second day we were ready for the rcx box.” ( Jack )
“ I didn’t break the robot today, world war 3 ended and we got our RCX bow today” (Sami)
“ Our robot and our group are together and it’s starting to work and finally we’re cooperating” (Marnie)
“ It worked for the first time.” (Taylor)
“ We finally got everything to work!!!” (Claire)
“ WE ARE HAPPY!!!” (Blair)
“ Me and my group never argued once” (Chris)
“ We got our box beam done” (Daniel)
“ We finished the floor plan!!!!” (Kamryn)
“ We finally got it together!” (Sarah)
“ We are ready to program.” ( Jack )


“We can’t agree upon the task for the robot.” (Bryce)
“ Our group couldn’t agree on treads or wheels.” ( Ben )
“ Only two more days to work on it AHHHHHHHH!” (Jessie)
“ It still fell apart after today and World war 3 started today” (Sami)
“ Seems like every thing went wrong with our robot and our group” (Marnie)
“ It was always falling apart.” (Taylor)
“ It takes a long time to decide on a task!!!” (Claire)
“ Our robot kept falling apart!” (Blair)
“ It was hard because our group kept fighting” (Rory)
“ The brace for the rcx box kept falling off.” (Chris)
“ We had programming troubles” (Daniel)
“ The robot kept on falling apart” (Kamryn)
“ It was hard for everyone to work on something because it would add on to something someone else was working on.” (Sarah)

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