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When robotics was passed onto us in early April, the students were more than excited to get started. It was also not hard for the students to consider a task for their robot after considering to the extraordinary efforts going into the development of these islands. Safety and security were first and foremost on the student's minds. For instance, 'if we are going to sleep in an underwater hotel, we want to make sure the glass will not crack' (Sarah, Brieann, Marnie and Claire)...and 'if we going to spend so much money on a private island, we want to make sure it is secure' (Rory, Jessica and Samantha).

Before we share our progress, we must first recognize and thank Mr. Jessee for his amazing support. THANK YOU!

First day - Review

After reviewing the terminology and robotics pieces the students worked within small groups connecting bushing blocks, making triangle frames and building strong frames.

"We were learning how to bild box beams" (Alex, Olivia and Angel) "Brandon and I were building a strong box beam" (Chris) "We were experimenting with making strong box beams. We also made a few triangles" (Kamryn and Taylor)

Day 2 - Gear Trains

After reviewing horizontal and vertical gear trains, the students met the challenge of building either horizontal and/or vertical gear trains. Some groups were even able to combine the two gear trains! Way to go!

"We were successful with our two-way gear train" (Sarah and Marnie) "Robotics is fun and I am making a gear train that will help power my robot." (Jack) "We were trying to build a two-way gear train using all the gear sizes possible. We needed Mr. Jessie's help to put the 16-tooth gears on. We finally were successful!" (Rory, Travis and Doeke)

Day 3 - We have a task...now we get to build!

"We got a bunch of pieces that we thought we'd need for our robot and we experimented with them" (Daniel and Chris) "The robot you see here is nothing like the robot we have now. This was just the first of many attempts to build a strong that structure that wouldn't fall apart" (Blair and Kamryn) "We are building the chassis that we ended up having to change because it wasn't strong enough" (Claire and Marnie)

Day 4/5/6 - Robots in progress

Don't blink or you'll notice we've changed our design!! Really, at one point, these were the designs of the robots. Very quickly however the students realize that their robot is either too heavy, not heavy enough, there aren't enough gears, the robot is too low to the ground...and changes to the design are imperative.

Daniel, Chris and Doeke Marnie, Sarah, Claire and Brieann Taylor, Blair and Kamryn

Initial chassis -


(of art)

in progress

"We had gotten the wheels on named it 'The Jimmy 2'" (Jessica, Sami and Rory) "We were sharing our robot and the castor would not stay on. It was rather frustrating" (Alex, Olivia and Angel) "This is our robot Herman before we disassembled its chassis (Sarah, Marnie, Claire and Brieann)
"We were showing how Jack and I secured the RCX box." (Travis and Jack)

"We shared that our robot moved even though it was to a program that was already on our RCX box" (Chris, Doeke and Daniel)

"We were sharing what we had first made" (Kamryn, Blair, Taylor)






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