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Hydropolis Hotel...

otherwise known as the 'Glendropolis'


Dear students, teachers, and parents,

As you probably already know, Mrs. Fischer’s grade 4 class has been using the developments in Dubai as an inquiry subject. Under the guidance of Mrs. Bacon, we recreated an underwater scene.

The way we did this was take a group of canvases, split up into groups of three or four and draw on the canvas with oil pastels.
We then painted over the oil pastel, and created different textures using various small objects like ribbon, stuffing and tin foil.
In addition to the textures, each student created a tropical fish that was placed on the canvases. Using a glue and water mixture we 'painted' tissue paper onto a tin-foiled covered fish.4 The canvases were then draped over a table in order to mimic the appearance of a room inside the Hydropolis, the underwater hotel they are building in Dubai.

We named our hotel the 'Glendropolis', and unlike the Hydropolis, it will not cost you $6800.00 per night to stay there. We are taking turns silent reading in our hotel.




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