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Air Pollution

One of our areas of study was air pollution. Air pollution affects us all. Fossil fuels like oil and coal that have been burned add carbon dioxide (CO2) to the earth's atmosphere. This increases the chance of Global Warming in which earth's atmosphere has so much pollution and extra CO2 in it, that it traps the sun's rays. These rays build up in amount, slowly heating the earth. The unusually warm weather we have had is most likely the effect of the atmosphere trapping the sun's rays because of extra CO2. Eventually, these rays will grow so numerous that the polar ice caps will start to melt because of the heat, and the ocean will grow so large that floods will appear all over the world. The ocean will cover the land slowly, until there is no land left that isn't covered by water.

The centerpiece of the air museum was a myth that one of the students wrote. In the myth a new god named Aeris is born, and she is hidden from her mortal father by her mother, Eos. Eos hid Aeris because her father was the best hunter on earth, and his hunting skills may have been passed to Aeris. He would hate any competition, which might have been fatal since Eos was not sure if Aeris was immortal. When Aeris' father was killed, Eos felt it safe to reveal Aeris' birth, which she had kept secret from everyone. When she reached the age of 16, Aeris asked her mother something she had never asked her before. She asked Eos who her father had been. Eos refused to tell her, so Aeris set off on her own to find the answers to her questions. She finds a brother she never knew she had. In the end is her brother grows old and dies. Every day she goes to Mount Olympus to beg to Zeus to take away her immortality so that she can join her father and brother in the Underworld. Every time he refuses her, and she cries toxins into the air. This myth explains (though not the real way) how our air is becoming poisoned and intoxicated.

We did several posters on air pollution for the air group. You can see pictures here. Air pollution also effects the air quality, another part of the air group website.


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