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Air Quality

The quality of our air depends alot on the pollution in the air and dust particles. We wanted to find out how much dust was in the air around the school. We decided to compose an experiment. We cut out small, cardbord squares and put tin foil over them (making the tin foil as smooth as possible). We then punched small holes in the corner of each one. We tied a piece of string in the hole and covered the tin foil in vasaline. The vasaline was ment to catch the dust particles in the air. Since each person had made one, we hung them up in various places all over the school. These spots included the stage, the basement, the garden (outside), classrooms, and one of the students even came up with the idea of hanging his over top of the vent in Room 8. We set them up on November 15th and took them down on November 17th at aproximately the same time. Many of our squares had been hit by various students, so their dust particles were knocked off, or some other malfunction. Their were several that had remained safe and we were able to study, though. We looked at them closely through microscopes and magnifying glasses. We were amazed at the amount of dust that was in the school! The square that had been tied over top of the vent had by far the most though. There were only two squares outside the school, and one of them had been hit. The other one showed no signs of dust though, but at first glance seemed to have collected small black dots that looked like fruit flys, but under the microscope the largest one looked like a leech! We couldn't believe it! We were breathing dust and other things that we wouldn't like in our bodies. We wanted to clean the air before the night our museum opened, so Mr. Maccagno brought in a humidifier at our request. The humidifier causes the dust particles in the air to become heavy and fall to the ground, where they are unable to be breathed into our lungs. One of the members of the air group created a poster on the respritory system.

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