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Inquiry on air

Our group took an interest in air and decided that we would continue our learning on that subject. We started by reading just about everything we could find on air. One of the cool facts we learned was that the colour of air is yellow. After we had spent a day or two looking up anything we wanted, we each picked a research question. The question could be about anything we wanted to know related to air. We divided the air inquiry into 3 sections to accommodate the research questions: Air Pollution, Air Quality, and Natural Disasters. Throughout the inquiry we collected plants and a humidifier cleaned the air in the classroom. These plants helped a lot. We could tell because the humidifier's screen was not as black with dust as we got closer to the big night. About a week before our museum was to open, we gathered and printed out all the information and pictures we had found to answer our questions and made posters to showcase the information. We mounted them on trifolds and put together our experiments, then waited impatiently for the big night. The Air Museum was a blast! The air group would like to thank Mr. Maccagno for his support with the air group, and for bringing in most of the supplies for the meditation room and the dry ice for a "make a hurricane" experiment.


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