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  Why do they stay?

Living in Calgary we are relatively safe from the dangers earth can pose. As a group we did research to find out if people actually live near volcanoes. We discovered places all over the planet where people live very near to active volcanoes. Why do people choose to stay so close to danger? We displayed our research on a world map. In many places people live near volcanoes because the soil is very fertile for farming. In other places people stay because their families have been there for generations.

We read the book "What You Know First" by Patricia MacLachlan about a little girl who didn't want to move away from her family farm because she felt attached to the land. We all wrote about a place to which we feel a special attachment. This helped us to understand why people might choose to stay where earth is a danger to them - because the land is special to them and/or they have a history there.


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