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Inner Fire

We were all assigned to bring in 4 or 5 things that we loved, or we thought described us. Everybody brought different things, because we all loved different things and we are all different people. We were given boxes, paint, and the encouragement to be creative. We all picked fire colors to paint our box (it seemed suitable). After everybody’s box were finished we piled them on top of each other like a pyramid.

We regrouped again to talk about what we have done so far and what we wanted to do next. The next thing that we wanted to work on was the movie. Of course you can’t have everybody crowed around the camera and around the computer, so only 2 people were assigned to do this. Somebody thought of the idea that we should have the movie like a timeline, and the people would read their stories to the camera. That way we have a written story on a timeline wall, and another that people could listen to if they don’t feel like reading. We gave everybody costumes suiting their time period, and we filmed them reading their story.


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